After 3 weeks of training, getting all 59,286 seats ready and trying to know everything about the Lyon stadium, it was finally time for the first real test on June 13th: BEL vs ITA. The first game was a real beauty straight away. Hosting your home country for their first game against the ‘Squadra Azurra’ (former European champions of 1968 and 4-time world champion) meant no room for mistakes: everything had to be 100% prepared and checked. The first game with EURO 2016 in Lyon is one I will never forget. Altogether, everything went well organization-wise, only the end result was a little bit disappointing…

Ticketing match day preparations overview:

Working in the ticketing department means you need good stamina: 20,24 kilometers on match day, djeez!
+20 kilometers run in stadium during BEL vs ITA